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Golf car manufacturers do not provide weather protection for the occupants. Users who want to have weather protection must rely on flimsy third party enclosures made from fabric. Typically these consist of flaps of material secured by two long zips, which require rolling up and strapping when open. They are inconvenient to operate, spoil the appearance of a beautifully engineered vehicle and are not durable, needing repaired and replaced over time.

How is the MEE enclosure different?

MEE Inc manufacture, design and install golf cart enclosures that are easy to use and offer much more protection than traditional golf cart enclosures thanks to their rigid construction.

This rigid design means MEE Inc golf cart enclosures offer superior protection and comfort that even the most expensive customised golf cars cannot match, and are designed with sliding doors for easy access and parking. Our golf cart enclosures are built with a modular design so you can easily replace any worn or damaged parts, and our range of shatterproof enclosures come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the vehicle.  Prices vary according to make and model so speak to us or your local dealer today to find out about the latest great deals.

Our  golf cart covers are all hand-made and are rigorously inspected before shipping to ensure complete satisfaction. We have years of experience of designing enclosures for EZGO Car, Yamaha, Parcar and Club Car golf carts (all makes and models as far back as 1991) and even offer a bespoke design service should you have any special requirements.

The MEE enclosure provides protection for all weather conditions and enhances the safety of the cart by reducing your chances of falling out of the cart - the cause of 50% of all serious golf-cart related injuries. As well as being durable and lightweight (only 85lb), the MEE enclosure will extend the lifespan of your cart by protecting interior upholstery and finishings from the elements. We also offer a number of optional extras including: 

  • Tinted panels
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate panels
  • Door locks
  • Rear enclosed compartment ( only available for Club Car multi passengers ie. 4 Passenger, 6 Passenger and 8 Passenger vehicles )
  • Rear sliding window
  • 5 year spares kit
  • Front windsreen

US PATENT: US6,276,745

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